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ManpowerGroup (formerly known as Manpower Inc.) is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded in 1948 by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld, ManpowerGroup is the third-largest staffing firm in the world behind Swiss firm Adecco and Dutch firm Randstad. The company provides administrative & support services, professional services, and business services through its four primary brands: Manpower (contingent staffing & permanent recruitment), Experis (professional resourcing and project-based solutions, Right Management (career management, workforce consulting, and training & development), and ManpowerGroup Solutions (managed services and outsourcing).

A former recruiter mentioned, "At Manpower you constantly deal with very rude people. Payroll department is awful. Always messing peoples paychecks up. The associates are then angry and come in screaming at you. Also if you have another recruiter who is shady, can make your life awful."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Missold role, no direction, no care for staff, no investment in the business or team, disjointed and shark tank atmosphere."

Current Employee - Recruitment Advisor says

"Pay rises are only possible through promotion"

Current Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"Commissions aren’t good for sales or recruiting"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"pathetic services provide by company to employee"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership was the worst I have ever seen in any organization."

Current Employee - Software Test Engineer II says

"No interest in your career growth. No reviews, no guidance. 1-2hrs per year of training. Online resources are a joke. HR is a phone number that doesn't answer. Raises are $2-3/hr per year if you're lucky, and only after substantial increase in skills and responsibilities."

Former Employee - TAC Engineer says

"- Based on other contractors for same position the pay was $10k-$20k less - Fight for 3 months to get raise so it could be taken away 2 months later with some lame excuse. - I got lied several time and every promotion that I make in the company I work for they delayed even after I give them set dates with at least 3 weeks notice. The result of their actions cost me money. - No PTO, No Vacation, only pay "some" holidays, no overtime or holiday pay unless you are approved."

Current Employee - Network Engineer says

"90 days of notice period if you want to leave. They can throw you out by giving max 30days or no notice to you as per their clause. No leave encashment, hence you will not get paid for you pending leaves neither you can negotiate them with your notice period. Long delay in appraisals. If you can't serve 90days of notice period then you will have to full CTC for the number of days that you will be short in 90 days of notice period."

Former Employee - Office 365 Concierge Ambassador says

"Unreliable, can get fired for anything, impossible expectations, long hours on the phone."

Current Employee - Microsoft Concierge says

"All the rest, I have never seen so many bad things about a company"

Tester 1 (Current Employee) says

"Show up on time get chewed out someone wanted to be late in meeting, work your life off just to be treated as pariah. They expect you to fit thier model yet they do not know it themselves. Rules consistently changing and constantly being broken for favoritism. Not a rewarding experience. Video gamesNano management, fake environment they dont care about you."

Desarrollador (Former Employee) says

"Id a la web "putasconsultoras" , alli hay información real. Es una charcutera y te venden al cliente. Es ilegal pero todas las hacen. Muchas mentiras y tu pones cara de que te lo crees, ya esta. Les ves 2 veces: en la firma del alta y la baja.No hay 2 nomina a iguales y si vas al médico o una baja no te pagan los 2 primeros dias. Reclama y a ver si te lo devuelvenCobrar la nóminaTodos, estas vendido a un cliente. Te denominan "apreciado colaborador""

Associate Architect (Former Employee) says

"Not recommeded to work in this company.it is not a software company , it is consultancy.so we should not recommeded this consultancy jobs. once you will relive from your contract job. the next day onwards you will terminate"

Analista de Talento Humano (Former Employee) says

"No es un sitio recomendable el.ambiente laboral es pesado falta liderazgo ejemplarMultinacionalRotación de personal"

Accounts Receivable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone in the Triad area to work there unless you're absolutely desperate. No professionalism, poor management, frequent layoffs"

Senior System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Lost my existing good package job because of this company. After selection in interview they sent offer letter. then i resigned in existing company. i have completed my notice period. At the time of joining date with this company, they sent me email saying "Sorry to inform you, we are unable to proceed your On Boarding" i am jobless now because of this company. Friends, requesting you not to take the risk to joining with this company,Very bad experianceDon't join this company. i have lost my existing job"

Microsoft Support Engineer Lead (Current Employee) says

"One of the worst environments ever! No job security, they fire without reason or warning. Stay away unless you need a second job. The company has too many zero tolerance policies that will get you fired in a heartbeat"

Customer Service Representative, Outbound (Former Employee) says

"This is probably the worst company I've ever worked for. When I was hired it took three weeks to get my first check, and then they lagged until the last month of the contract. The accounting department is staffed by people who may not be in the US; they all have very heavy accents and are hard to understand. The recruiter for the job is in North Carolina, the job was in Nashville, TN and the local office in Brentwood, but the address on 401 Commerce Drive, with the suite of 140, doesn't exist. The office isn't there. When I call the Nashville contact, she always seems to be at home. That is probably why she didn't want anyone to come to the Brentwood office - because it doesn't exist. I think that Experis is a scam company.noneEverything about the company is a scam."

Information Assurance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Lack of support from upper management, and high turn over rate. Not only did not show you anything, but there are no documentations for the assignment. If there were, it was the incorrect information."

Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Bullying, harassment, nepotism, jobs for the boys, unorganized, corrupt, unrealistic targets, insecure jobs, pay offs, management are an absolute disgrace.NoneLong hours, low pay, undervalued."

Contractor Assistant (Former Employee) says

"when I first got this job they gave me the impression they liked me and I liked them too 2 weeks down the line when I was settled in I was suppose to be given training I didn't have any training what so ever just the manager pointed out a couple of things and expected me to know when ive never done this type of work before, not long after the 2 weeks of being there she pulled me into a meeting room and basically said 'I don't feel like this is the job for you, I haven't got time to help you you need to do it on your own' I was really shocked by this bearing in mind I had only been there for 2 weeks I said 'give me a chance ive only been here 2 weeks'. so then another 2 weeks passed by and a horrible incident happened to me were I was in hospital I provided hospital notes, doctors notes and at the time she advised me its best to stay of so I had a week of due to me being unfit to work. I then came back in work the week after and my manager and another woman had a meeting with me they said they didn't believe me and they think I was telling lies I was disgusted wuth this as I provided hospital note not shortly after this I left the company my manager sent me a letter home saying I will get paid for the weeks notice and the days I had worked it came pay day and I hadant got paid a penny I rang them up and asked why and she just said you owe us money because you had sick days of since when was this a company rule? I am so upset with how I have got treated I am now taking this further because I want what I worked and am owednothingyou wont be liked unless your face fits"

Reconciliation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company was okay to work for, the work was very easy, there are a few different companies that hire staff for the main company and it makes the working dynamics very difficult. People are underpaid, little to no benefits and they have to work with people who have the benefits they don't. The work environment is very hostile. However, if you can tune it out, working with the customers and doing the job is awesome."

Web Application Developer (Former Employee) says

"Basically works as a consultancy and provides staff to other companies. Mostly outsources it's resource and has very less internal work. Does not have interesting projects and mostly are having challenging projects where resource attrition is high. Has a very long notice period which makes switching to different company very difficult. Management does not work on improvement of employees skill and benefits. Mostly a mean company to make profit out of outsourcing.Clients are good, Almost no other prosNot a great company to work for"

Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Recruiters misinform candidates. You cannot get any assistance from HR neither. No training, there is a bad culture being contract workers and basically you are always disconnected.Nothing I can think ofMake sure you ask about benefits. False information provided"

Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"this company is overall not a friendly place to work. they fired employees to rehire them at a lower pay rate. they terminate people while on sick leave using Short term disabillity.noneeverything"

Cell Technician (Former Employee) says

"IN MY EXPRESSED OPINION ONLY. Typical day at work: During the winter, pretty slow. because BTS/CELL SITE CABINETS are cool... During the summer, trouble tickets are numerous due to high BTS temperatures..you will have numerous tickets, very few on-hand replacement parts (if any since they are not stocked; must order parts which may takes 1 day to weeks to arrive, but your still responsible for its install even if it arrives on your day off/vacation day. Learned: No formal training provided if you are a contractor; swim or drown. Only a couple of techs are friendly/that will take sincere time to teach you anything. The regular field techs know more than the Lead.. Go figure. Management: Clueless, inconsiderate, and pencil pushing; never even heard from my former mgr since hiring to leaving; never answered any questions. The Tower Crew management is good though. Work Place Culture: During the Winter....great. During the Summer....over worked and stressed. On-Call scheduling is CRAZY; if you work that day, you may work not only your scheduled 8 hrs, but the rest of the night till the early morning straight. Hardest Part Of Job: Dealing with your Lead, On-Call work, getting too many tickets during summer days, parts availability, and the facts that you are required to know how to fix anywhere from 1 to 10 different types of systems, without adequate time, info, and realistic expectations. Most Enjoyable Part of Job: Getting off work.Better than unemploymentLeadership clueless, plays favoritism, pay rate way low vs responsibilities"

Consultant/Project Professional (Former Employee) says

"Lack of integrity in management team, lied about client contract rates to try to get a higher margin. Management did not care about people who worked for them. Not a collaborative culture, management only looking out for themselves and not their employees.NoneNone"

Administración (Former Employee) says

"Orona es la peor empresa de toda Espala para trabajar. Se trata de una cooperativa que te mira por encima del hombro porque no eres socio....y a los 18 meses te tirarán a la calle sin miramiento porque no quieren ampliar la plantilla. Sólo te contratan para que les saques todo lo atrasado adelanteNingunoTodo"

Technical Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work, unless you like being micro managed and set up for failure. Politics RULE the workplace. Also even though you were a salaried employee we were treated like we're hourly."

Software Testing & Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"I regret ever stepping into this office. They systemically seek out recent Art Institute of Portland or ITT Tech students and woo them into thinking that they are going to be working in game design, when in reality it's just a glorified bug mill. They promise advancement but never deliver. They require the work of an engineer but pay as an entry level QA associate. They give out fake awards that are worth nothing more than in-office "credibility", and just foments discord among the rank and file. The "leadership" is a joke. They all look out for themselves while being hyper critical of their subordinates without offering any meaningful critique for improvement. They will throw you under the bus without a single thought. This whole work/life balance is toxic and there is absolutely no such thing as job security. They will work you 50-60+ hours a week during crunch and then lay you off as soon as a project is complete. Their management of their contracts are so terrible that they are incapable of queuing multiple projects in order to keep a full staff year round. They use you and lose you, then expect you to come crawling back for scraps when they need you again. Stay away."

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